Atelier d’architecture Jacques Bugna

The architecture studio has forged its reputation in the design and construction of prestigious buildings.

The architecture studio has forged its reputation in the design and construction of prestigious buildings.

How long have you been working with oggo?

Our relationship with oggo started in 2013. Following a call for tenders, oggo immediately set itself apart with its proposals and performances.

How have BIM and NAS (servers) improved your day-to-day life?

With regard to the data server, this is now also accessible externally thanks to oggo’s solution, which was not the case beforehand. And the installation of a BIM for ArchiCAD now ensures that we work simultaneously on a project together. oggo has also allowed us to anticipate and avoid any problems.

oggo has also installed a Wi-Fi network and Airtames, as well as an internal and external backup unit. What benefits do you get from this equipment?

The internal network has been significantly improved, so that all the workstations (the majority of which are connected by Ethernet cables) take full advantage of the capacity of all the IT tools.

With regard to the Wi-Fi network, nowadays it is as indispensable for us as it is for our customers. In concrete terms, an efficient network simplifies connectivity during meetings, offers a significant mobility for laptops and phones, and gives internet access to visitors, outside our internal network.

In terms of video streaming, it saves us time by directly and immediately transmitting all sorts of content to a TV, without going through an HDMI cable connection.

As for the internal and external backup systems, it enables us to work with peace of mind and without worrying about losing our data.

Finally, a VPN is an essential security factor to access servers from other sites of activity.

Are your partners satisfied?

Since the beginning of our partnership with oggo, we are less prone to bugs and problems, to the great satisfaction of our team. This investment has significantly increased our efficiency, and we are very happy with the computer equipment and its management, as well as the updates performed by oggo.

The same goes for our partners, as their responses to our annual questionnaires show.

Why would you recommend oggo?

First of all, because it is a company on a human scale that listens to you and puts itself at your disposal. Each proposal made by them is relevant and developed in accordance with our needs. And when we call about an issue or problem, their analysis is accurate, and we quickly obtain a solution. What more can you ask for?

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